Shakespeare's Other Women


I am so excited to be back on Whidbey Island performing in Scott Kaiser’s Shakespeare’s Other Women, directed by Erin Murray, at Island Shakespeare Festival.

This festival has quickly become my artistic home. It’s not only the place I come to dig in to the rich world of text, language, and the human spirt, it is also the place that feeds my soul. Returning to the island for this show has given me a chance to reconnect with locals I began friendships with this summer, and that has a special kind of sweetness to it.

it is rocking my world to be working on a play focused entirely on the lives and experiences of women. It is FURTHER rocking my world to be in a rehearsal space that is almost entirely held by women. To define a space with our energy instead of the energy of men is honestly revolutionary, and is waking up new knowledge for me about the way I move through the world.

In the show, I play Joan la Pucelle, Juliet (Measure for Measure), Hero (from the myth of Hero and Leander), and Nell (a young Mistress Quickly). There are 36 monologues in all, performed by 9 divine actresses. If you are in the Seattle area, please come through!

Madison ScottComment