Denver's Dangerous Theatre

Good news! Within two weeks of relocating to Denver, I was cast in two shows at Denver's Dangerous Theatre. The first is Peter McGarry's Medea, a Black Mirror-esque twist on Euripides' classic, in which I'm playing Medea. The second is a play called The Vagrant by Brett Hursey. I'm playing Rachel, a ruthless young Wall Street climber. The plays and the characters are wildly different, and have definitely kept me feeling challenged. If you love storefront, pulled up by our own bootstraps, lots of heart theatre, this is the place for you! 

The shows run in rep October 6th- November 11th, Friday-Sunday. More information coming soon at

P.S. The theatre has a BYOB policy-- they even have corkscrews and wine glasses for those of you on date night. ;) 

Madison ScottComment